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EZ Sharp Drill Press Sharpening System V2 (DCE)

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This is the newest version of the Drill Press Sharpening System and includes 3/8" diameter arbors, 15 sanding discs and a horsebutt leather strop. 

This EZ Sharp Drill Press Sharpening System is the most cost effective and efficient sharpening approach available.  It can re-sharpen a dulled chisel in less than 20 seconds and can restore a razor-sharp edge on a very abused chisels in less than 60 second. It eliminates the need for much more expensive bench grinders, belt sanders, honing guides, strops and/or sharpening stones. The 5" version allows to sharpen blades up to 2" and the 6" version allows for sharpening of blades up to 2-3/8".

The heart of the system is an arbor that mounts acrylic discs in any drill press. Grinding and honing are done with 3M Cubitron II Sanding discs and a leather strop applied to the top or bottom of the acrylic discs. Chisels are held at the appropriate angle while grinding via a grinding jig that is fabricated by the end user. Detailed instructions and jig plans are included with each kit.  

Kits are available with either 5” or 6” discs. Kits come standard with two drill arbors, two acrylic discs, three each of the following 3M Cubitron II PSA film back discs (80, 120, 150, 180 and 220, 320), one circular horsebutt leather strop, a piece of double stick tape and white honing rouge.  

Kit Components:

Drill Arbor/Acrylic Discs

The drill press arbor is mounted in your drill press chuck and accepts acrylic discs. Acrylic discs are .200” thick cast acrylic and come in two diameters (5” and 6”) with a 1/4” countersunk center hole. These are laser cut and have finished edges. They come with protective paper on both sides that will need to be removed before adding abrasive sanding discs or leather strops.  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) sanding discs can be applied to the top, bottom or both sides of acrylic discs. Using a custom sharpening jig with abrasive applied to the underside of discs, you can quickly regrind damaged cutting edges or hone to precise angles. The top of a disc can be used to flatten chisel backs or to strop with leather, bringing an edge to razor sharpness. The arbor shank is universal 3/8” diameter. The arbor length is 2-3/8”. The outside diameter where discs are attached is 3/4”. The maximum recommend speed is 600 RPM.

3M Cubitron PSA discs:

The sanding discs we supply are the 3M Cubitron Stikit PSA film back discs. They are the fastest cutting and longest lasting abrasive sanding discs on the planet, guaranteed! Cubitron abrasives were developed to grind steel and are the perfect abrasive to sharpen tools. Cubitron can regrind a very damaged tool in just a few seconds and will not generate enough heat to remove the temper in the steel. These discs have a film Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing that is nearly indestructible. They stick well to acrylic discs but are easily removed when dull and leave no residue.  Your kit comes with a selection of discs from 80 to 220 grit. Replacement discs can be found HERE.

Leather Strop with White Rouge Honing Compound.

Leather stropping discs are made from 10-ounce vegetable tanned horsebutt leather  that is 5/32” or 4 mm thick.  Discs come in 5” or 6” diameter with a 1” center hole to allow mounting to the top of acrylic discs. We supply a piece of Fastcap Speed tape with each disc so they can be firmly affixed to discs but removed when worn out. Leather can be used bare, but for faster cutting we recommend using our white honing compound. This white compound is specially formulated for use on power buffers and designed for honing super hard stainless steel, hardened iron, and chrome. It is a fast-cutting compound that contains the right amount of grease so it will load onto a spinning leather honing wheel and leave minimal residue on tools. One bar weighs in at 1.2 ounces and is 3/4" x 3/4" x 2-3/8". I

The Chisel Sharpening Jig

The Chisel Sharpening Jig is used to hold edge tools at the correct bevel angle and at a 90-degree angle to the edge of the tool. The Sharpening Jig is fabricated by the end user per available plans.

Replacement supplies (arbors, acrylic discs, circular leather strops and honing compound can be found HERE.  Replacement PSA Cubitron sharpening discs can be found HERE. 

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