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Since our founding in 2009, Taylor Toolworks has received over 50,000 positive customer testimonials through our online stores with an average lifetime customer satisfaction rating of 100%. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service to each of our customers. Following are a few of the testimonials that we have received:

 "All I can say is WOW! That is exceptional customer service and exactly what keeps customers coming back. When I sent the email, I honestly wasn't expecting a replacement. I was just wanting to make you all aware of an issue. I fully expected (based on the crappy customer service that is rampant in today's society) for you to tell me to just touch it up with steel wool or something… I have to tell you that your handling of this has earned a loyal customer in me…I'll be placing more orders with Taylor Toolworks. Thank you for providing exceptional customer service. You have reminded me that there still are excellent companies out there."

-Bob H (Williamsburg, OH)


"Taylor Toolworks operates at the highest level of professionalism and service. Given the chance I would inexorably enter in commerce and monetary exchange again. Five stars, these guys are great."

-Matthew Z. (Munnsville, NY)

"I wanted to thank you for what you do and let you know I am coming to you first with all my tooling needs from now on. I really appreciate your approach to bring affordable tools to the market. I have bought several of your factory seconds and have been really pleased with them."

-Matt S. (Shreveport, LA)

"I have to say it again!! You guys beat anything I've ever seen in your shipping time. My order was scheduled for tomorrow. Here I'm holding it in my hands. I thought tomorrow would be a stretch, I have it today. Great service...keep it up. I'm committed forever."

-Randy W. (Destin, FL)

“I was not expecting to get the wonderful service you provided. Customer service is second to quality of products, and your service is top notch. I'd like to let others know what quality service you provide. Thank you!”

-Kevin K. (Carlsbad, CA)

"Please accept my sincere thanks for a seamless purchase from you. I was looking for a specific drill bit and was lucky enough to connect with Mike, the tool guy. He suggested WoodOwl...and the price was more than reasonable. Is it possible for a drill bit to be beautiful? Absolutely! The total experience was the best."

-P. Collins (Ocala, FL)

"Taylor Toolworks came out victorious on this purchase... Everybody is happy. Thank you for timely delivery of a tool that, as a former carpenter, I could tell from the picture was going to do exactly what I needed it to, at a very reasonable price. Thank you all."

-T. Getting (Mt. Carmel, PA)

"Thank you so much! I appreciate it greatly. I will certainly look to your company for future tool purchases."

-Yea-Leei S. (Cromwell, CT)

"You guys have been have earned my business. Thanks again for the stand-up customer service."

-Denis Z. (Nampa, ID)

"My first time purchasing from Taylor Toolworks and I'm seriously impressed with your customer service."

-John H. (Collinsville, IL)

"I am now devoting time to develop my skills in the use of planes and other hand tools, and starting to invest in moderately priced equipment to this end. The #5 plane I purchased from you looks very well built and solid, with a lot of attention to detail. I shall be the first to promote the brand and your company. Thanks for your good service."

-Marcel P. (US)

"Taylor Toolworks was very responsive to my needs and certainly demonstrated a strong and appreciated commitment to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them as a reliable seller."

-Russ S. (US)

“I just purchased their 2" square and was impressed with the quality, customer service, and great work."

-Tom F. (US)

“In 'how to make customers for life news’, the packaging and one of the parts arrived broken. Taytools' amazing customer service had me a replacement within two days. You won't be disappointed (and if you are, their team will fix your frown)."

-Pete S. (Mission Viejo, CA)