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Bow 36" XT XTENDER Bandsaw Resaw Fence Bundle (DCE)

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You spoke, and we've responded by creating various Bow Products XTENDER fence system bundles. This package feature a single 36" Xtender fence made from precision-crafted 5" x 1" extruded anodized aluminum. Also included are a pair of XT2 track saw clamps, a pair of XT1 Infeed/Outfeed Supports and one GP-5 6" resaw featherboard.

For a complete description of the system and its components, read below.

Experience Unprecedented Control and Safety with the Bow Products XT XTENDER Fence Platform.

Upgrade your woodworking game with the Bow Products XT XTENDER Fence Platform, designed to bring unparalleled control and safety to a wide range of power saws. From compact benchtop saws to portable job site equipment, professional cabinet saws, bandsaws, and router tables, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform is your trusted companion for precision and versatility.

The XT XTENDER Fence Platform is engineered to fit all bandsaw fences. Its generous 5-inch height and 1-inch width offer a robust foundation for your woodworking projects. This innovative platform attaches effortlessly to your existing fence using two Bow track clamps.

What sets the XT XTENDER Fence Platform apart is its remarkable versatility and ease of use. With this platform, you can set up, remove, or change fence positions in seconds, giving you complete control over your workpiece. Whether you need to center it on your table or extend it for infeed or outfeed, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform offers precise adjustments at your fingertips.

Equipped with multiple T-slots, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform accepts a wide range of accessories, such as feather boards, infeed and outfeed stock supports, and stops. It forms the foundation for a suite of Bow Products accessories that elevate your feed control, safety, and cut quality.

For bandsaw owners, the XT XTENDER Fence Platform transforms your equipment, endowing it with the capabilities and control of a larger saw. Crafted from durable aluminum extrusion, it ensures stability and longevity. The platform's flat face surface ensures a smooth glide for your workpiece, while its 1-inch width maintains precise 1” scale increments.

The XT XTENDER Fence Platform is available in three lengths: 24 inches, 36 inches, and 46 inches, accommodating various saws and project requirements.


XT Infeed and Outfeed Supports (XT1): Designed exclusively for the XT XTENDER Fence system, these supports extend feed support in front of or behind the blade, significantly enhancing workpiece support, safety, and cut quality. Easily position them for infeed or outfeed support, or both on one side. Ideal for compact saws, portable saws, or bandsaws, they even feature a cavity for attaching a standard 2x4 for added support when handling heavier materials.

Bow Track Saw Clamps (XT2): Designed to work seamlessly with the XT XTENDER Fence, these clamps feature a 2-1/2" throat and a 5" opening for secure attachment.

Bow Resaw GuidePRO GP-5:

  • 6” Vertical Silicon feather delivers continuous and consistent pressure along the leading edge of the workpiece for lean and consistent resaws and cuts.
  • Flexible feather allows for variation in applied pressure.
  • Flexible feather accommodates variations in the shape and thickness of material, adding precision when cutting thin strips of a panel. Perfect for holding flat or irregular/odd-shaped material.
  • Flexible feathers are non-marring and dampen vibration for a clean cut.
  • A 4" extension is available-GP-7

Fence Key Features:

  • Effortless attachment with two Bow track saw clamps.
  • Adjustable fence positioning: forward, center, or back.
  • Compatible with all bandsaw fences.
  • 1/16-inch thick standoffs protect your bandsaw surface.
  • 5-inch height for increased control and safety in vertical work.
  • Multiple machined T-slots for accessory attachment.
  • Complete platform for Bow Feed Supports and Featherboards.
  • Convenient hanging hole for easy storage.

Fence Specifications:

  • Fence extrusions: 1-inch wide by 5 inches tall.
  • Feed support platform: 6 inches long by 3 inches wide.

Upgrade your woodworking experience with the Bow Products XT XTENDER Fence Platform – the ultimate tool for precision and safety. Choose your preferred length and explore our range of accessories to take your craftsmanship to the next level. Your woodworking projects deserve nothing less.

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