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WoodOwl 18" Deep Cut™ Utility Auger Bits

by WoodOwl
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Original price $39.99
$39.99 - $102.99
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SKU OWL08803

WoodOwl, located in Miki, Japan, has specialized in the production of drill and auger bits for the woodworking industry since 1923. The factory is highly mechanized, but many of the operations are still performed by hand by highly skilled workers. These bits are designed to easily and quickly bore deep, smooth holes in utility poles, railroad ties, pressure treated limber, wet or frozen wood and other demanding materials. These are the toughest bits made by WoodOwl in terms of overall strength and function, as they can drill through almost any type of wood under any condition. They have a single flute, single cutting head with a single spur (the outer cutting edge that scores the outside of the hole). They cut very cleanly because the spur scores the outside edge of the hole before the cutter head clears material. As they have a spur, they can be damaged if they hit a nail. These bits cut very fast due to the enhanced single flute design and PTFE coating that provides efficient chip ejection. They are hand sharpened which also enhances cutting speed. These bits are not cast or forged but milled and ground from solid round blanks. The sharp lead screws are also precision ground and machined allowing these bits to start immediately into wood once the drill is started. These machining processes produce bits that are perfectly concentric with very little wobble. They drill accurate diameter holes, require less energy to power through wood and create less heat. They will also drill straight and true through all types of wood with minimal wandering. These bits are made from high-carbon S55C steel specially designed for Woodowl bits. Cutting heads are fully induction hardened to 58 HRC. These bits come with PTFE performance coating to minimize friction and allow quick and easy cutting and chip ejection in the stickiest of woods. PTFE also protects against corrosion. These bits feature 7/16” quick release hex shanks. These bits can be used in cordless or corded drills and hand braces. Bits come in plastic storage tubes to protect them when not in use. These bits can be re-sharpened using a WoodOwl feather sharpening file. Available in the following sizes:

Diameter Length
3/8" 08803
7/16" 08804
1/2" 08805
9/16" 08806
5/8" 08807
11/16" 08808
3/4" 08809
13/16" 08810
7/8" 08811
15/16" 08812
1" 08813
1-1/16" 08814
1-1/8" 08815
1-1/4" 08817
1-3/8" 08818
1-1/2" 08819

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