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Hand Brace Adapter for WoodOwl Tri-Cut™ Ultra Smooth Auger Boring Bits with 7/16" Hex Shanks


The hand brace is an essential and versatile tool that should be in every shop. In many instances, a hand brace can bore holes to precise angles and depths more easily and more accurately than a cordless drill. The problem with using a hand brace is the choice of quality square shank bits is quite limited. Used vintage bits can be found at swap meets or online, but quality can be quite variable and they will likely need sharpening. New bits can be found, but they can are quite expensive or quality is poor or inconsistent.

Then, we discovered WoodOwl Tri-Cut Ultra Smooth Auger Bits. These bits cut with less effort than any bit we tested and produced smooth holes with minimal to no blowout. Plus, these bits were very reasonably priced. The only barrier to using WoodOwl bits was the 7/16” hex shaft did not interface with most brace chucks. So, we had an adapter made to address this problem. Our adapter has one end that accepts 7/16” hex shanks and the other end is square and tapered and fits perfectly in any hand brace chuck. Bits are secured in place via a T knob. Adapter comes with just one knob. This adapter will allow use of any WoodOwl Tri-Cut Ultra Smooth bit in your hand brace.  100% made in the USA! 


  • Precision turned on a CNC lathe from tool steel
  • Overall length: 4.25”
  • Depth of hole: 1.25”
  • Outside diameter: .75”
  • Comes with two threaded knob holes-only one is needed! 
  • 10-32 x 3/8" T knob with stainless steel threads  
  • Distance of screw hole from end: .625”
  • Blackened gun metal finish 

 See the full selection of Tri-Cut Ultra Smooth WoodOwl bits HERE.



Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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