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Taytools Pair (2 pack) Safety Push Blocks with 3" x 6" Friction Pads

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Push blocks are an essential piece of shop safety equipment. They keep your hands and fingers far away from spinning blades and cutters and prevent dangerous kickbacks. They can also improve the quality of your work by keeping stock flat on the table and tight against the fence. Push blocks are useful when operating routers, shapers, bandsaws, jointers and table saws. Taytools push blocks have large, ergonomic angled handles that provide a strong and comfortable grip and exert both downward and sideways directional pressure. The large 3” x 6” soft natural rubber friction pads provide a strong and reliable grip on natural wood, sheet goods and composites. These push blocks can be used one at a time or in both hands with hand-over-hand control when consistent downward pressure is needed. The bright orange color lets you know exactly where your hands are during every operation. Plus, the orange color makes them easy to locate, even in cluttered shops.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -