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Taytools Magnetic Bandsaw and Drill Press Fence 18" x 3" (DCE)

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Bandsaw Fence Advantages and Features

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1) One can be used on any bandsaw with a magnetic ferrous table. One will not work on saws with cast or plastic tables. Check to make sure a magnet has a strong attraction to your table before purchasing.

2) Can be quickly and easily installed and removed from a bandsaw table by simply turning on/off the two magnet levers

3) Fence can be conveniently stored on the machine frame when not in use

4) One can be installed and used without installing an aftermarket bandsaw fence with guide rails 

5) Can be used on bandsaws where the blade slot exits to the front of the saw that will not accept aftermarket fences

6) Using the T fence, the fence can be set to accommodate for blade drift


1) 18” long by 3” tall, so it will work with most 10” to 20” bandsaws

2) Multiple T slots on fence will accept numerous stops, auxiliary fences, and jigs. Slots will accept 1/4-20 hex head bolts or Taytools 1/4” or 5/16” T bolts. 

3) Adjustable T fence allows the fence angle to be set to compensate for blade drift

4) Comes standard with two 150-pound breakaway strength 90-degree switchable magnets

5) Fence to table angle is calibrated to 90 degrees out of the box and will never need to be adjusted

6) Fence is milled straight

7) Magnets can be installed in one of four locations to accommodate for various bandsaw table sizes

8) Additional magnets can be added (up to four) to increase holding power

Fence Setup:

* Ensure that the bottom of the magnets and bandsaw table is not coated with excessive sawdust, as this can weaken the hold of the magnets 

* For the fence to be held securely to the table, two magnets need to be in contact with the table surface. Smaller tables will need one of the magnets moved to a location closer to the center of the fence. To prevent rotation, it is best to have both magnets as far apart as possible.

*Install magnets in their desired locations by threading the provided machine screws through the face of the fence and into the threaded holes in both magnets. Tighten the screws with a 3mm hex wrench (not included) to secure the magnets in position.  


* Adjustments are easy. Simply, rotate both magnet levers counterclockwise to release the fence. Move the fence to the desired position and rotate both levers clockwise to activate the magnets and secure the fence to the table.

* A unique feature of this fence is its ability to accommodate for bandsaw blade drift by using the adjustable T fence. Bandsaw blade drift is the tendency of the blade to veer to the right or left when making straight cuts using the rip fence. It can cause the blade to either stray off the cut line or a board to pull away from the fence during a cut.

 Adjusting the fence to accommodate for drift:

1) Start by adjusting your saw so the bandsaw blade is tracking in the center of the upper wheel

2) Find a board that is 18-20” long. Mark a parallel line the length of the board about an inch from the edge.

3) Start your saw and make a straight cut along the center of your line as carefully as you can. Note: Do not use your fence. 

4) Stop your cut about halfway through the board. The angle of the board in relation to the miter slot or front edge of your bandsaw table is your drift angle. Hold your board in this position. Slide your magnetic fence until it just touches the edge of your board. Switch on both magnets to secure the fence in place. Slide your T fence up against the front edge of the bandsaw table and tighten the Allen screws to keep this angle. Now you can move your fence left and right by keeping the T fence in contact with the front of your table, your fence will always be adjusted to accommodate your drift angle.

5) You can also adjust your entire bandsaw table to get rid of drift. See this useful Fine Woodworking video by Michael Fortune:


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