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10 Pack Shim Kit for Magswitch Magjig 150 Switchable Magnets

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Magwitch Magjig 150 magnets have innumerable uses in the woodshop. They can be attached to various jigs and fixtures, and with the turn of a knob, easily attach and detach from any ferrous surface, such as those found on most Table Saws, Jointers, Bandsaws, and Drill Presses.

Over the years, we’ve sold thousands of these jigs, and we've received just a few suggestions for improvement.

One suggestion is that Magjigs are designed to be installed in ¾” material, restricting their use in commonly available home center plywood which is slightly undersized by 1/64th to 1/32nd. To address this limitation, we introduce the Taytools 10-pack shim kit.

This kit includes 10 laser-cut shims, each 0.016” thick, perfectly calibrated to increase the thickness of undersized home center plywood by 1/64” increments. These shims can be easily secured in place using a glue stick and left in place for future use.



Packet contains 10 each ships 2-5/8" x 1-3/4" x 0.016" thick 

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