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StopLossBags Starter Set with 4 Bags, Collapsible Funnel, 4 Extra Caps and Filler Clip

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Woodworkers, we've all experienced it: discarding cans of varnish that have become unusable due to skinning over. While metal cans excel in transportation and short-term storage, they fall short when it comes to preserving wood finishes for the long haul.

Enter StopLossBags® — your solution for maintaining the fresh-off-the-shelf quality of wood finishes. Crafted with a specially formulated 3-ply construction, these bags are engineered to prevent the loss of solvents. Moreover, a gas barrier within the bag inhibits oxygen penetration, effectively keeping your finishes as fresh as the day you bought them. Say goodbye to wasted varnish and hello to forever-fresh finishes with StopLossBags®.

These bags feature an easy-fill and pour spout with a simple twist-top cap, ensuring a perfect seal to keep your finish fresh for years to come. The patented design prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the corners, while the clear label allows for easy identification of contents and dates, which can be written with a felt pen and easily wiped away with alcohol if needed.

These bags are not only reusable and refillable but also easy to clean, ensuring longevity and sustainability. Each kit includes four 1-liter StopLossBags®, along with essential accessories such as a filler clip for secure filling and a collapsible funnel for easy transfer from cans to pouches. Additionally, four extra caps are provided for added convenience.

Experience the convenience and reliability of StopLossBags® — the ultimate solution for preserving your woodworking finishes.


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