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Star M Japanese F-Style Anti-Burr Drill Bits with Hex Shank

by Star M
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SKU 150555

These F Style auger bits are made by Star M Corporation who has been making precision woodworking drill bits in Miki Japan since 1923. If you want to make a hole in wood, there is a Star M drill bit for the job.

These auger bits were designed for use in cordless drills as they cause less load on drills and significantly extend battery life. They can also be used in a drill press.

These bits have a unique conical shape with a long center point and no spurs. This geometry allows them to start easily, drill aggressively, and drill straight holes at more extreme angles than most any other type of drill bit. The conical shape shears away wood fibers and creates clean holes in hard or soft wood with minimal splintering when exiting a hole. The conical shape also allows them to easily ream out smaller diameter holes.

They come in metric sizes from 5.5mm to 30mm and have with hex shanks to prevent slippage in power drills. Bits range in length from 85mm (3-3/8”) to 125mm (5”) and can be used with an extension to drill deeper holes. 

 Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -