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Shapton GlassStone Series HR Stones 120x-30,000x 2-3/4" x 8-1/4" x 3/8"

by Shapton
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Made in Japan to the highest standards, Shapton Glass Sharpening Stones are widely regarded as the finest sharpening media worldwide. Crafted to sharpen and hone the hardest steels and alloys found in woodworking chisels, plane irons, carving and turning tools, knives, shears, and scissors, these stones consistently deliver razor-sharp edges. Whether used for freehand sharpening or in conjunction with guides, they are the preferred choice for both professional and enthusiast woodworkers.

The Shapton sharpening media is composed of a super hard-wearing ceramic that cuts quickly while maintaining minimal wear. This reduced wear ensures that the stones remain flat over time, requiring less maintenance or flattening. Each stone consists of a 5 mm thick ceramic matrix that is expertly laminated to a "dead flat" tempered glass base, providing a stable and warp-resistant foundation. The unique glass backing not only adds stability but also allows the stones to be worn down to a thinner profile than other water/ceramic stones, all without any risk of breaking or cracking. This exceptional feature maximizes the value and longevity of the stone.

Furthermore, the sharpening particles used in these stones are highly pure and uniformly graded, resulting in a superior finish and enabling seamless progression through various grits without leaving any trace of previous abrasive materials that could leave scratch marks. The stones are available in a wide range of grits, spanning from 120 up to 30,000, catering to diverse sharpening needs. Unlike traditional stones, these Shapton Glass Sharpening Stones do not require soaking; a simple spritz of water is sufficient to carry away the swarf. To ensure stability and prevent sliding during use, it is recommended to use a stone holder. Conveniently, each stone is labeled with its corresponding grit rating on the underside for easy identification. With overall dimensions measuring 2-3/4" wide x 8-1/4" long x 3/8" thick, these stones offer a compact yet substantial sharpening surface that will provide many years of trustworthy use.

Below is a tiered breakdown of grit descriptions to help you understand the specific applications and outcomes of each grit, enabling you to choose the most suitable stone for your sharpening needs. 

120 Grit: This coarsest grit is designed for aggressive material removal and is perfect for restoring very dull and damaged tools and knife edges.

220 Grit: An extra-coarse stone that cuts fast and removes a significant amount of material, ideal for very dull tools and knife edges.

320 Grit: A coarse stone that cuts swiftly to sharpen dull tool and knife edges effectively.

500 Grit: Considered a medium stone, it is useful for dull tools and knives, providing a finer scratch pattern than coarse stones.

1000 Grit: This medium-fine stone is ideal for refining tool edges and knives when minimal material needs to be removed. It leaves a much finer scratch pattern than coarse stones.

2000 Grit: A fine stone used to refine tool edges and knives after shaping with coarser stones, leaving a finer scratch pattern than medium stones.

3000 Grit: Considered a finer stone, it refines tool edges and knives after using coarser stones, resulting in a finer scratch pattern than medium-fine stones.

4000 Grit: A very fine stone suitable for putting a beginning polish on tool edges and knives, removing scratches left by fine stones.

6000 Grit: An extra-fine stone used to achieve a near-mirror polish on tool edges and knives, eliminating scratches from very fine stones.

8000 Grit: A super-fine stone for achieving a near-mirror polish on tool edges and knives, eradicating scratches left by extra-fine stones.

10,000 Grit: An ultra-fine stone that delivers a near-mirror polish on tool edges and knives, effectively eliminating any remaining scratches from previous stones.

16,000 Grit: A stellar-fine stone capable of achieving a true mirror polish on tool edges and knives, removing scratches from very fine stones.

30,000 Grit: The finest grit stone available from Shapton is considered the ultimate sharpening stone. It produces the finest mirror polish on tool edges and knives, removing scratches left by very fine stones.