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Moxon Vise Hardware Kit with Pair 8" x 3/4"-10 Threaded Rods, Pair 4-1/2" Cast Handles and 4 each 3/4" Nuts and Washers X002HAM67H

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A Moxon Viseis a double-screw work-holding fixture that has been in use in furniture shops for some 400 years. They were first described and illustrated by Joseph Moxon in his 17th century book, The Art of Joinery. A dual-screw Moxon Vise is an incredibly versatile workbench accessory that is simple to build with the right hardware. It can stabilize wide and narrow boards with incredible force while various joinery, shaping or carving operations are performed. It is the perfect accessory when hand cutting tenons or dovetails. It raises the workpiece to a more comfortable and ergonomic height. It is highly portable and can be quickly mounted anywhere on a bench or table, and when not in use, easily stowed away on a shelf or hung on a wall. This Moxon Vise hardware kit is quite economical, yet contains high-quality 3/4-10 threaded rods (NOT Acme threads), nuts, washers and cast knobs. This hardware kit contains everything needed (minus the wood) to make a fully functional Moxon Vise. You can make it as wide and as tall as you desire and from your choice of wood. By design, this kit does not include plans or measured drawings as numerous possibilities for customization exist. We leave the details for you to decide. The kit includes a comprehensive manual outlining numerous design considerations allowing you to individualize your Moxon Vise to suit your personal needs.

Kit contains the following: 

  • 2 each 8" x 3/4"-10 Threaded Rods (NOT Acme Threads)
  • 2 each 4-1/2" Cast Handles
  • 4 each 3/4" Nuts and Washers
  • Moxon Twin-Screw Vise Design Considerations Manual

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -