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Microjig Grrr-ripper2 Go Push Block for Table, Saw, Jointer, Bandsaw and Router

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Original price $29.99
$29.99 - $29.99
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Over-engineered for safety.

  • Cut small parts safely and accurately with powerfully gripping precision legs.
  • The legs minimum cutting width of just 5/16" (8mm), perfect for making precise, thin cuts.
  • With no bare-hand feeding and keeping the material tight along the fence will prevent kickback and provide superior protection.

 Green Grr-rip® Surface 

  • Incredible grip on various materials including wood, plastics, and aluminum.

No assembly. Easy setup.

  • Grr-ripper2 Go™ comes fully assembled and with a sticker for your fence scale. Matching colors from the fence scale to the Grr-ripper2 Go end keeps the blade in the correct tunnel.

 Virtually eliminate kickback.

  • Kickback occurs when wood moves in a way that makes the saw blade catch it and throw it at you. The Grr-ripper2 Go keeps the wood straight, so the saw blade doesn't catch it and you stay safe.

Control and safety for the whole shop.

  • Grr-ripper2 Go™  can be used all over the jobsite and home shop.
  • Keeping digits safely away from bits and blades on the table saw, router table, band saw and jointer.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -