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iGaging 6" and 12" Anodize Aluminum T-Markign Square Set 36-TS-0612

by iGaging
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Use this versatile T-Marking Square set to perform numerous shop measurement and marking tasks.  The square blades are precision CNC’d from sturdy aircraft aluminum and are blue anodized. Each blade has a adjustable and removable extruded aluminum base. Each side has laser engraved markings for measuring and a series of holes for marking lines parallel to an edge.


  • Blade can be used as a precision straight edge
  • Sliding base that can be adjusted, removed or attached to either the long or short edge of the square
  • Both long edges have laser engraved markings every 1/32”. One short edge has 1/16” markings.
  • One long edge has holes every 1/6” and the other has holes every 1/8”. Placing a pencil in any of these holes and sliding the base along an edge allows marking lines parallel to an edge
  • Can be used as a square with an accuracy of +/- 0.002”. The base allow the square to stand on it’s edge for hands free set up or measurement.
  • When the base is attached it can be moved either right or left to create angle guides
  • Protractor allows marking angles on the edge or middle of workpieces
  • Set comes with 0.7 mechanical pencil and extra lead


  • Two piece set with 6" and 12" rules with 16th and 32nd scales.
  • 16ths scale on one edge has left to right and centering rule with small drilled holes every 1/16".
  • 32nds scale on the other edge has left to right rule with small drilled holes every 1/16"
  • 3" scale on top, 2" rule at the bottom from 1/2" to 2 1/2".
  • Angle markings and drilled holes in the center from 0° - 90° - 0° in 15° increments plus a 22.5°, 25° and 67.5°
  • Accuracy: ±0.002".
  • 5" L x 1" H sliding base with 1" scale markings on rear side
  • 2 mm thick solid aluminum frame with a protective anodized finish
  • Precision laser engraving.
  • Two removable metal locking screws.
  • Comes with instruction sheet.
  • Supplied in protective case.

       WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –