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Easy Wood Tools Ci1-R2-NR Negative Rake Carbide Cutter - 2" Radius

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SKU 1600NR

These Easy Wood Tools (EWT) Ci1-R2-NR negative rake carbide cutters are designed to fit Full-Size and Pro Easy Wood Tools Finishers. Negative rake cutters have been shown to produce better cuts in man-made acrylics, hard exotic woods, and end grains, resulting in a better finish with less “grabs” as well as better edge life. They also have a longer edge lift. Comes with a replacement 8-32 countersink machine screw.

Model #: 1600NR

Size: 2" radius; 0.570" x 0.10"

Easy Wood Tools cutters have the optimal three G’s of Carbide: Grade, Grind, and Geometry. Only when these are in harmony will you have a cutting edge for high performance woodturning.

  • Grade: Carbide is basically a mixture of tungsten powder and cobalt that is fused together under high pressure and heat. The ratio of cobalt to tungsten and the size of the tungsten particle are referred to collectively as the grade. There are literally hundreds of thousands of conceivable grades and no one grade of carbide is suitable for all applications – whether wood cutting or metal cutting. The perfect combination of cobalt and grain size in EWT cutters yield a cutting edge that is both the keenest and most durable grade for woodturning available with today’s carbide technology.
  • Grind: Easy Wood Tools grinds all their cutters on super rigid CNC grinders to prevent micro chipping of the cutting edges. The proper grit diamond wheels are used to produce the flattest, truest surfaces possible with minimal grinding scratches left on the surface. All cutter surfaces are ground in the optimum sequence to bring the edge into keenness during the very last process.
  • Geometry: Easy Wood Tools grinds all their cutters to correct angles and geometries specifically for woodturning. This produces an edge that cuts both cleanly and safely for all skill levels.

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