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iGaging Snap Depth Gauge Digital Electronic Dial Indicator 0-1" Range

by iGaging
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When you talk about the need for accuracy, there will be at least two schools of thought. Some feel that the high-precision accuracy of digital measuring tools is not necessary while others like to know what is happening down to 0.001” or less if at all possible. The folks at iGaging offer products that make high-level accuracy easier than ever. The Snap Depth Gauge is a perfect example.

Snap Depth Gauge come with a CR2032 battery factory installed and a spare in the package. It has a large, easy-to-read LCD display that make life a little easier for those with older eyes. It has accuracy down to 0.001” and resolution down to 0.0005”/0.01mm or 1/128”. This should be precise for most of us, though some will undoubtedly think we are bordering on rocket science.

Other common sense user-friendly functions found on the Snap Depth Gauge are clearly labeled ON/OFF, Zero and Unit Selection buttons. Zero is a useful function that lets you reset zero at any point within the overall range of measurement. The Unit Selection button lets you select between metric, plain numeric and fractional displays of the measurements. The Hold function lets you take a measurement, hit the Hold button and that figure is retained on the display. This comes in very handy when you can’t see the display well while taking the reading or you want to remember the measurement at a later time.  After viewing the retained dimension you simply press Hold again to cancel that function out.

The Snap Depth Gauge has a measuring range of 0 to 4” which should cover measuring tasks you normally encounter. The Snap Depth Gauge also comes with 1” and 2”-long, screw-on plunger extensions to let you most appropriate length shaft for the job.

To use the Snap Depth Gauge hold it with the base firmly in contact with a flat surface and press the Zero button. Then slide it over the hole, groove or ledge so the plunger can go to the bottom and read the display. While the plunger is still at the bottom of the spot being measured you can also press the Hold function to retain that measurement if the display is difficult to see.

The Snap Depth Gauge also has a mounting lug on its back side that allows it to be used like a dial indicator. Just bolt it to a suitable base (shop made or commercial) and use it like any dial indicator. In this mode the Snap Depth  Gauge can be handy for checking runout on tooling and many other shop needs.

If you are a fan of high precision measuring instruments the Snap Depth Gauge should be of interest. It is a very accurate measuring device, repeats well and is very easy to use. I can’t think of much more to ask from measuring tools.

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