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iGaging Bandsaw Companion Blade Alignment Gauge

by iGaging
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SKU 36-BA-12

Bandsaw blade drift is a common occurrence on the bandsaw when using a rip fence, and the cause of poor and inaccurate cuts. Eliminating blade drift requires aligning the blade with the miter slot and fence, which can be challenging. The iGaging Bandsaw Companion aims to make this alignment a breeze. After alignment, making cuts parallel to the blade prevents the blade from torquing to the side, resulting in tight, smooth and accurate cuts.

The Bandsaw Companion from iGaging features four rare earth magnets on one side, which firmly attach it to the blade and provide a clear visual reference when adjusting the fence paralle to the blade. The tool's extended length makes it easy to visualize and precisely adjust for any misalignment. There is an indent next to the magnets to accommodate for the thickness of the blade saw teeth. For best results, use on blades at least 1/2” wide. The built-in ruler also makes it easy to set the fence to an exact distance from the blade. With holes spaced every half-inch, you can also use the tool as a compass to draw circles up to 23" in diameter. Additionally, with the included sliding ruler stop, the device can measure and draw lines parallel to an edge.


  • Length: 12"
  • Four rare earth magnets attach firmly to the blade.
  • Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with a blue anodized finish with laser engraved graduations.
  • Indent next to the magnets to accommodate for blade set
  • Front features 1/16" and 1/32" graduations.
  • One end has end graduation in 1/16th increments.
  • Drilled holes in 1/2" increments on the backside to allow use a compass to draw circles up to a 23" diameter.
  • Scriber stored in the end can be screwed into compass holes and used as a pivot point when drawing circles.
  • Included ruler stop allows for measuring and drawing lines parallel to an edge.
  • Magnets allow for stowing directly on your saw for storage and easy access.

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