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Scraper Pro Cabinet Scraper Preparation Kit (DCE)

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This kit contains everything you need to prepare a cabinet scraper for making shavings, excluding scrapers and a burnisher. It allows you to ready a cabinet scraper in less time, with less fuss, mess, and expense compared to other methods.

The kit includes the following:

  • All necessary hardware (2 each 1/4-20 x 2" carriage bolts, 2 each 1/4" washers, and 2 each 1/4-20 wing nuts) for constructing a twin-jaw scraper vise. This vise is used to clamp a scraper while filing and honing, maintaining the edge at 90 degrees relative to the faces.
  • 4 each 6mm x 8mm rare earth magnets for creating a small ½ inch x 6-inch wood magnetic scraper handle. This handle adheres to the face of a scraper, applying consistent downward pressure to the edge during honing and polishing.
  • 2 each thin and flexible (0.020" x 0.5") spring steel strips for quickly setting the protrusion of cabinet scrapers from the edge of the twin-jaw scraper vise during filing, honing, and polishing. This precise 0.020” distance ensures a 90-degree edge to the face. One steel strip is also used during the final honing of the faces employing the "ruler trick."
  • An 8” single-cut mill file for removing factory mill marks on the scraper edge, establishing a square and straight edge ready for honing.
  • Two half sheets (4-1/4” x 11") of 80-micron PSA lapping film, affixed to one side of the included float glass. This film is used for lapping and removing file marks on the edge before honing.
  • Two half sheets (4-1/4” x 11") of 40-micron PSA lapping film, affixed to the other side of the included float glass. These sheets remove scratch marks left by the 80-micron film, completing the final polishing and preparing the edge for turning the burrs/hooks.
  • One sheet of 5/16" thick by 5-1/2" wide x 11" long dead-flat float glass that accepts lapping film. A non-slip pad is included to prevent the glass from sliding on your bench.

Note: Cabinet scrapers and burnishers are NOT included.

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