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Solid Brass Handle Brake Line Compression Fittings for Accu-Burr ™ Dual-Sided Carbide Scraper Burnisher

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2 3/16" Solid Brass Brake Line Compression Fittings that can be put on the Accu-Burr unhandled rod as a cost-effective alternative. 

The Patent Pending Accu-Burr ™ Carbide Burnisher is a game changer when it comes to turning precise, consistent, and effective hooks (or burrs) on cabinet scrapers.  No burnisher will produce better results with less effort and less skill. Guaranteed. This completely new type of burnisher is a collaboration of Blackburn Tools, Union Manufacturing and Lakeshore Carbide.

The heart of the Accu-Burr™ is a 3/16" diameter carbide rod with three precision shaped V-grooves of slightly differing angles (5°, 10°, and 15°) ground in the center of the rod. These grooves create burrs on both sides of any scraper edge in a single pass.  The 5° groove makes fine hooks for refining finishes or when working with thin venerers, the 10° groove (most common) makes medium hooks for everyday use and the 15° groove makes heavy hooks for shaping wood or removing finishes.

 The Accu-Burr™ will turn a precise and consistent hook on:

  • any imaginable size and shape card scraper, it can turn burrs in concave profiles as tight as 3/32” radius
  • any thickness card scraper from as thin as 0.010” up to 0.100” thick
  • any hardness scraper, even High-Speed Steel versions with a hardness of RC 65
  • thin and profiled scrapers that are held high in a vise that would normally deflect and pose difficulties with a traditional rod burnisher

 How to use:

Prepare your scraper by filing and honing the edges and faces. Secure your scraper in a vise. Hold your Accu-Burr™ carbide burnisher perpendicular to the scraper edge and centered on either the fine, medium, or coarse groove (the deepest groove is for the coarse burr). Applying light even downward pressure on the burnisher, draw it firmly and smoothly along the length of the prepared scraper edge (a drop of oil on the burnisher will make this action even smoother). The Accu-Burr ™ is self-centering and will draw out a burr on both sides in a single motion. This burnishing will raise a burr that can be barely felt with your finger; if no burr is felt, repeat as needed, but with increasing force, until a nearly imperceptible burr is formed along the entire length of the scraper. A burr can be refreshed 2-3 times by taking an additional pass or two with the Accu-Burr ™ before the edge will need to be refiled and rehoned. 

 Two version of the Accu-Burr ™ are available:  a 3” long unhandled (rod alone) or the “Junior” with two solid brass handles with an overall length of 5-1/4”. The unhandled rod can be used alone, but the Junior handled version does provide some additional leverage. You can make you own handles by adding 3/16” compression fittings (available separately) to both ends of the rod. You can make your own wooden handles using Union Manufacturing solid brass ferrules (available separately).

Or you can add cost effective handles using 3/16" brass brake line compression fittings (avaialble seperately). 

 Made in the USA.

Download the Accu-Burr ™ Carbide Burnisher Construction and Use Guide HERE

YouTube Video on 2022 release of the ALL NEW Accu-Burr ™ 


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