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Arno French Carbur 2 Double Sided Carbide Cabinet Scraper Burnisher

by Arno

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Burnishers create the tiny hook or burr on cabinet scrapers and scraper plane irons. To do this well, a burnisher needs to be extremely smooth and very hard. Some newer cabinet scrapers are made from harder steel, requiring a harder burnisher. The Arno burnisher carries two super hard and polished solid carbide inserts. Polished carbide is one of the hardest materials available (almost as hard a diamonds!) and is the ideal burnishing material. One edge is cylindrical for general use. The other is triangular with a small radius recommended for sharpening super hard scrapers, curved edges or when a larger hook is desired. These carbide inserts are housed in a forged aluminum handle with an anodized protective finish. The inserts are slightly tilted to lift the handle above the tool being sharpened. It has an integrated twin finger guard to keep sharp edges away from the hand. Works well with both right and left handers. Comes with a suede leather pouch and detailed instructions. The Arno burnisher will turn a super-quick and refined hook on every shape and thickness scraper, every time.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -