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6" (150mm) Metric Imperial SAE Dual Reading Dial Caliper Stainless

SKU 1912301

0-6" (0-150mm) dual reading dial caliper dual reading faces showing readings in inches (black) to 0.001" and metric (red) to 0.02mm. Measures 0.1" or 2mm per revolution. Beam graduated in 0.10" and milliliters. Constructed of hardened stainless steel throughout with matte, non-glare finish. Can be used for inside, outside, depth and step measurements. Accurate to 0.001" or 0.02mm. Covered stainless rack to prevent dirt and debris from clogging the gear, and to help prevent measurement errors. Knurled lock screw to hold position to ensure consistent measurements. Comes fitted in plastic case to protect when not in use.

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -