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NEW! Version II Drill Press Sharpening System

NEW! Version II Drill Press Sharpening System

Sharpen chisels in less than 10 seconds with the newest version of the Patent Pending Taytools Drill Press Sharpening System. Using this simple system on your drill press with a homemade jig, you can sharpen you get and keep your chisels and plane blades razor sharp. Version 2 upgrades include a horsebutt leather stooping disc, 15 Cubitron II PSA sanding discs (enough to sharpen literally hundreds of chisels and/or plane blades) and a beefer 3/8" diameter arbor. Get your woodworking tools sharper, in less time, with less expense, less mess and less hassle. Check out the video below to see it in action.

See it in action HERE. 

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