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NEW! Bow Products XT Xtender Fence System

NEW! Bow Products XT Xtender Fence System

Experience unparalleled control and safety with the Bow Products XT XTENDER Fence Platform. Elevate your woodworking game with this versatile system, offering precision and safety for various saws, from compact benchtop to professional cabinet saws, bandsaws, and router tables. Equip your compact or jobsite saw with many of the capabilities and control of a full-size cabinet saw.

This system includes anodized aluminum extruded fences in three lengths (24", 36", 46"), Feed Supports, Track Saw Clamps, and a wide range of vertical and horizontal feather boards. The XT XTENDER Fence Platform is engineered to fit all types of table saws, attaching effortlessly to your existing fence with two Bow track clamps. Its remarkable versatility allows quick fence adjustments, while multiple T-slots accept various accessories, elevating feed control, safety, and cut quality.

Bow XT Xtender Fences-XT524, XT536 & XT546 

At the core of the Bow Products Xtender System lie the robust, anodized aluminum fence extrusions, providing the backbone for numerous attachments. Available in three lengths – 24 inches, 36 inches, and 46 inches – these extrusions stand tall at a full 5 inches high offering unparalleled control and support for vertical work. With a width of just 1 inch, these extrusions effortlessly align with your existing table saw cursor. To make precise cuts, add an inch to your desired measurement, adjust the cursor, and make the cut. These extrusions feature multiple machined T-Slots, designed to accommodate a wide range of accessories, giving you endless possibilities for customization. Compatible with all models of table saws, including options like Harvey and Unisaw models, these extrusions attach seamlessly to any table saw or bandsaw fence. Two Bow track saw clamps are all it takes, and within 10 seconds, you can have them installed or removed, maximizing efficiency. Moreover, they come equipped with 1/16-inch thick standoffs, safeguarding your table saw surface from any potential damage. For added convenience, a hanging hole is milled in one end, providing a tidy storage solution when the extrusions are not in use. 

Bow XT Xtender Fence Track Clamps -XT2

Bow Track Saw Clamps securely attach Xtender fences to any table saw fence, including Harvey and Unisaw models, with a 2-1/2" throat and a 5" opening, featuring a soft grip handle.

Bow XT Xtender Feed Supports-XT1

Exclusively designed for the XT XTENDER Fence system, these supports extend feed support in front of or behind the blade, enhancing workpiece support, safety, and cut quality. Ideal for compact and portable saws, they even include a cavity on the underside for attaching a standard 2x4 for added support with heavier materials.

Bow Vertical Featherboards-FP4

Sold in pairs, these attach vertically to the XT XTENDER Fence, providing essential hold-down pressure and anti-kickback protection. Used in conjunction with a set of Feed Supports, cutting long stock can be performed safely without an extra set of hands. Their patented EVA feather living-hinge design dampens vibration and protects soft wood and blades upon accidental contact.

Bow Horizontal Featherboards-FP5

Sold individually, these attach horizontally to the table saw table via the miter slot, offering side pressure for optimal feed control and anti-kickback protection.

Bow Reaw Featherboards-FP3 & GP5

Enhance safety with Bow Products' patented EVA featherboards, delivering precise feed control and smooth gliding for wide stock and edge machining. These featherboards mount flat to your table saw surface via the miter slot.


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