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Narex Curved Tooth Mill Files

Narex Curved Tooth Mill Files

The Narex curved tooth mill files are similar to plane-making floats used for flattening and smoothing wooden plane beds and sidewalls. They “float” across the surface, eliminating and smoothing high spots. Additionally, they excel at shaping wood, easing edges, and are ideal for trimming tenons and dovetails, ensuring a perfect fit. The teeth feature a subtle curve, allowing them to slice through wood aggressively while delivering a surprisingly fine finish. These teeth shear wood, rather than abrading it like other rasps, resulting in small shavings and no tearout. The safe edges on both sides lack teeth, ensuring adjacent areas remain undamaged. These files are perfect for adjusting tenon widths without harming the shoulder or removing high spots from deep mortises. The teeth are ground and then hardened and will maintain their sharpness over an extended period.

See video HERE. 

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