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3M Aura 9205+ N95 Particulate Disposable Respirators

3M Aura 9205+ N95 Particulate Disposable Respirators

Multiple generations of 3M scientists and researchers have played a pivotal role in the development of 3M's NIOSH-approved N95 filtering face-piece respirators, which have proven indispensable for various industries and critical situations, including disaster cleanup and health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

N95 particulate respirators are meticulously designed to capture at least 95% of non-oil airborne particulates by utilizing filter layers composed of electrostatically charged nonwoven materials. These 9205+ respirators are engineered to form a secure seal with the wearer's face, ensuring that inhaled air passes through the filter. This unique combination of effective filtration and a snug fit is integral to the exceptional performance of these respirators.

The origins of today's 3M N95 respirators can be traced back to the 1930s and 1940s when nonwoven materials were first developed in 3M laboratories. Initially used in their ribbon division, these innovations eventually became a fundamental component of masks and respirators.

As early as 1957, 3M began exploring the concept of molded, cup-shaped masks crafted from nonwoven materials, drawing inspiration from molded nonwoven fabrics. In 1972, 3M introduced the industry's first U.S. federal government-approved disposable filtering face-piece respirator for dust. This N95 respirator represented a groundbreaking achievement, offering a lightweight product that effectively filtered particulates.

By the late 1970s, 3M further improved the efficiency of their filter media by introducing an electrostatic charge. This innovation enhanced the comfort of the respirator, requiring less effort during breathing while maintaining high filtration efficiency, all within a relatively simple and lightweight product design.


This is the science behind these 9205+ disposable respirators and why they are best in class for your respiratory protection. 

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