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WoodOwl 12" Ultra Smooth Tri-Cut™ Auger Bits

by WoodOwl

These WoodOwl Ultra Smooth Tri-Cut™ auger bits have a patented Tri-Cut™ design that consists of three precision ground cutting edges and three flutes engineered to optimize drilling performance. This unique Tri-Cut™ design has cutting spurs that score the outside of the cut leading to extremely smooth holes with minimal blowout. These bits are 25-35% lighter than standard auger bits of similar size reducing fatigue from extended use. The precision cut lead screw will pull the bits straight and true through material without wandering These bits come PTFE coated to minimize friction and allow quick and easy cutting and chip ejection in the stickiest of woods. These bits can be used in cordless drills and hand braces. These bits are made from fully induction hardened high carbon steel for strength and durability. Bits are 12" long and they feature 7/16” quick release hex shanks. Bits come in a plastic storage tube to protect when not in use. Available in the following sizes:

Item # Diameter
CU-01 3/8"
CU-02 7/16"
CU-03 1/2"
CU-04 9/16"
CU-05 5/8"
CU-06 11/16"
CU-08 13/16"
CU-09 7/8"

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -