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Wheel Marking Gauge Mortise and Tenon Attachment Set

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Original price $12.99
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This Wheel Marking Gauge Double Mortise Attachment Set will interface with any wheel marking gauge with a 8mm or 0.310" diameter shaft. It is guaranteed to work with all Taytools wheel marking gauges. When attached and adjusted it allows layout of both sides of a mortise in a single pass of the gauge. The round cutters slice the wood as opposed to the scratched or torn grain left by traditional double pin marking gauges. These cutters will make a distinct line/mark both with and against the grain. They are easily sharpened by rubbing on any sharpening media. Made from hardened tool steel. To mark mortises install the cutters with both bevels facing away from each other and secure via the two set screws. To mark tenons reverse the cutters so the bevels are facing each other. You can set the distance for both mortises and tenons using a rule or the chisel that will be chopping the mortise for an exact fit. Adjustments are made by loosening and tightening the set screws and the cutters can be adjusted as close as 3/8" apart. Comes with spacer washer to more easily keep the marking gauge rod parallel to the workpiece to ensure both marks are of equal depth. The spacer become more helpful as the beam is farther extended from the head. Outside diameter is 5/8". Set comes with 2 cutters, one spacer and a hex wrench.

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