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Trammel Head Beam Compass Set, 57" Diameter Range, Hardened Points and Pencil Holder

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SKU 777268

Nothing beats a beam compass (or trammel) for measuring, marking or scribing large arcs and circles outside the range of those possible using a standard size compass. This set comes with 2 movable heads that lock down tight via knurled knobs on 3/8” diameter chrome plated beams. The beams have flats along the top to prevent rotation of the movable heads once they are locked down. The set comes with two 14-1/2” beams and a connector to link both beams together for a longer reach. Using just one beam allows scribing or drawing arcs up to 14-3/8” or 28-3/4” diameter. When both beams are hooked together one can scribe or draw a 28-3/4” radius or 57-1/2” diameter circle. One head has a fine adjustment with 1-3/4” of travel. Fine adjustments are made via a knurled wheel. Each head accepts either straight or bent hardened tips, and the kits comes with 2 each straight and two bent tips. A pencil holder is included that accepts a .300” diameter pencil and locks on the end of a beam with a hex screw.  

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -