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Routing Template and Shim Kit for Magswitch Magjig 150 Switchable Magnets

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Magwitch Magjig 150 magnets have innumerable uses in the woodshop. They can be attached to various jigs and fixtures, and with the turn of a knob, easily attach and detach from any ferrous surface, such as those found on most Table Saws, Jointers, Bandsaws, and Drill Presses.

Over the years, we’ve sold thousands of these jigs, and we've received just a few suggestions for improvement:

1) Customers find it necessary to purchase a specific Magswitch brand 40mm Forstner bit for drilling into their jigs to accommodate Magjigs. Other brands of 40mm bits do not work as the holes are slightly too small. Since most woodworkers do not already have a 40mm bit, they must purchase one in addition to several Magjigs.

2) Magjigs must be attached to the jig via two screws to prevent them from rotating when turning the on/off knob. Having to screw and unscrew these two screws sometimes disrupts workflow when Magjigs must be moved from one jig to another.

3) Magjigs are designed to be installed in ¾” material, restricting their use in commonly available home center plywood which is slightly undersized by 1/64th to 1/32nd.

To address these limitations, we introduce the Taytools acrylic template and shim kit.

The acrylic template can be affixed to any wood jig material via double-sided tape and used to pattern route a recess that exactly fits the Magjigs. Laser markings indicating the Magjig outline, along with horizontal and vertical grid markings, assist in precisely positioning the template where you want it without the need to measure. Once the template is positioned, simply mark the center hole, remove the center “dogbone”, drill a 1-1/8” hole, and pattern route away the waste with a 1/2" flush trim bit. You now have a perfect recess to accept Magjigs magnets, eliminating the need for screws as the Magjig will not rotate when the knob is turned. Moreover, the kit includes 10 laser-cut shims, each 0.016” thick, perfectly calibrated to increase the thickness of undersized home center plywood by 1/64” increments. These shims can be easily secured in place using a glue stick and left in place for future use.


Acrylic template: 4" x 5" x .220" thick with remobavle center "dogbone". Includes laser outline of Magjog 150 flange and 4 set up lines on 3 sides each 1/4" apart 


Packet contains 10 each ships 2-5/8" x 1-3/4" x 0.016" thick 

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