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StopLossBags 2 Piece Filler and Adapter Tube Set

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SKU SLB-084105

The filler tube and adapter set are for use with the a DIY Filling Station (directions in every pack of bags). This set is not required if you use the StopLossBags Collpasible Fulnnel. 


Filling the bag can be done by using a turkey baster, our Filler Tube and Adapter Tube Set, or our StopLossBag® Collapsible Funnel. To use a turkey baster, draw finish into it, then fit it over the spout of the bag. It will take a number of times to make the transfer. The Filler & Adapter Tube Set fits onto the spout of the StopLossBag® and allows it to connect to most funnels. We’ve included plans for the “filling station," a stand to hold a funnel connected to a StopLossBag (see our DIY Accessories page). The easiest transfer is with the StopLossBag Collapsible Funnel (see video) which fits over an opened quart or liter can and the spout of a StopLossBag. Because it is made of silicone, it can be frequently be cleaned without solvents. Non-Glossy Finishes should be well stirred to insure the matting agents are in suspension before transferring to a StopLossBag. After the transfer it will be easy to see through the clear bag wall the settled agents at the bottom of the bag. Putting them back into suspension is done by rotating and inverting the bag several times. It will be easy to see when it is ready to use.

Use the white information block on the front of the bag to record the finish you’re putting into each StopLossBag. A Magic Marker type of pen works well, and it wipes away easily with alcohol.

 Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -