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Scratch and Dent - Benchmark BLEM 2Pc 6" Heavy Duty Precision Combination Square

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SKU 777879

Scratch and Dent! These products are one-offs, samples, demos, returns, open boxes, or products with small cosmetic issues all being sold at steep discounts. The minor defects will in no way impact the performance of the tool. If there is a defect that is more than this it will be noted below. 


These have surface corrosion on the exposed cast surface, so they are being sold at a discounted price. These can be cleaned up with a few minutes of using a fine abrasive lightly on the corroded surface. In the provided example before and after, I used a "Fine SandFlex Block", but other fine abrasives would work as well.


  • Blade width: 1.00" +/- .01"

  • Blade thickness: .08" +/- .01"
  • Blade groove: 0.10” wide and 0.035” deep
  • Graduations: 4R (8ths, 16th, 32nds, 64ths)