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Mystery Boxes (DCE)

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$39.99 - $39.99
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Introducing our Woodworking Tools Mystery Box Collection – boxes filled with a variety of hand-selected tools from our warehouse, offered at a fraction of their original cost. Unable to decide on a specific order? Allow us to make the choice for you! Enjoy $80.00-90.00 worth of quality woodworking tools for just $39.99 – and revel in the added thrill of surprise, as you won't know the selection of tools you'll receive until you open the box.

Mystery Boxes contain the same premium tools available on our website, with the exciting twist of unpredictability. While the box's contents remain a mystery, you can expect the value to be at least twice the box price. All tools are of first quality, with no seconds, scratch & dent or returns. We feature a selection of boxes. Each box features a unique selection of tools, ensuring that if you order multiple boxes, you won't receive any duplicate items. Each box contains between 4 and 9 tools.

Act swiftly, as once the available quantities of these boxes are sold out, these incredible deals come to an end. Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges for items in mystery boxes, and all sales are final. Embrace the excitement of unveiling premium woodworking tools with our Mystery Box Collection – an opportunity you won't want to miss!