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Improved Moxon Vise Hardware Kit with 10" Long 3/4-10 Threaded Rods, 4-1/2" Cast Knobs, Square Nuts, Washer and Bushingss

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The Moxon Vise, a twin-screw work-holding fixture with a rich history in furniture shops, was first illustrated by Joseph Moxon in his 17th-century book, The Art of Joinery. This versatile workbench accessory is remarkably simple and quick to build, offering the ability to stabilize boards with incredible force during various joinery, shaping, or carving operations. It also allows for raising the workpiece to a more comfortable and ergonomic height. Its high portability enables quick mounting on numerous surfaces, and when not in use, it can be stowed away on a shelf or hung on a wall.

In a traditional Moxon Vise, both screws are attached to the rear jaw, held secure by four nuts, with two mortised in the rear jaw flush with the front surface. However, this design leaves both screws protruding from the front jaw, potentially interfering with the user. Our improved Moxon Vise Hardware Kit addresses this issue by embedding threads in the rear jaw, allowing both rods to pass through the back jaw as the front jaw is opened and closed, leaving the front unobstructed. Additionally, the screws ride in steel bushings, reducing friction and simplifying construction, as nuts no longer require hand mortising in the rear jaw. 

This Moxon Vise hardware kit, despite being economical, includes high-quality 3/4-10 threaded rods, nuts, washers, and cast knobs—everything needed (excluding wood) to create a fully functional Moxon Vise. Download the plan HERE that provides measured drawings and comprehensive instructions for the construction process, but customization options abound. You can tailor it to your preferred width, height, and wood choice, offering a multitude of possibilities for individualization.


  • 2 each 10" long 3/4-10 steel threaded rod
  • 2 each 3/4-10 square nut
  • 2 each 3/4" washers 
  • 2 each 4-1/2” cast double prong cast knob
  • 2 each 1" OD 3/4" ID x 1-1/4" Steel Bushings 

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