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iGaging 7" and 12" Layout Square Set Anodized Aluminum 36-LS-712-2

by iGaging
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SKU 36-LS-712-2

Each of these Layout Squares is machined from aircraft aluminum on state-of-the-art CNC equipment. The blade is held square via stainless steel machine screws, ensuring each square will be accurate within two-thousandths of an inch along the entire length of the blade. The 2mm thick blades features engraved 1/16" and 1/32" markings and angle markings on both sides, along with a blue anodized anti-scratch finish.


  1. Each blade has several rows of small drilled holes along its length, ideal for scribing parallel lines to an edge using the included mechanical pencil. These holes are marked and arranged in two rows: the top row in 1/16" increments and the bottom row in 1/8" increments.
  2. The blades feature miter angles from 5-degrees to 60-degrees in 5-degree increments (plus 22.5 degrees), measured from the corner of the handle to the markings on the blade.
  3. A 45-degree cut-out in the handle also enables the quick layout of 45-degree angles.
  4. The outer edge of the blade includes a center-finding rule.
  5. The anodized aluminum handle has 1/4" and 3/8" offsets, simplifying layout tasks for tenons, dowels, and other joinery on 3/4" stock.
  6. The .700” thick aluminum handle allows the square to stand upright on its own.
  7. Two rare earth magnets in the base help secure it to metal surface, such as a table saw, bandsaw, or jointer.


  • 7" square: 7" outside scale, 6" inside scale, plus a 3" scale on the bottom & 1- 1/4" on the ends
  • 12" square: 13" outside scale, 12" inside scale, plus a 5" scale on the bottom & 1- 3/8" on the ends
  • Outer rules feature 16ths scales and include left-to-right and centering rules with small drilled holes every 1/16".
  • Inner rules feature 32nds scales and include left-to-right rules with small drilled holes every 1/8".
  • Angle markings and drilled holes in the center range from 5° to 60° in 5° increments, plus a 22.5° angle.
  • Aluminum base with blue anodized finish is 1" tall, with blades offset at 1/4" and 3/8" and a 45° cut out.
  • Squareness: 0.002" over the full length of the blade.
  • Laser engraving on both sides of 2 mm thick blades.
  • Sets include a mechanical pencil and lead refills.
  • Supplied in protective box.

         WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –