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iGaging 3 Piece Absolute DRO+ Digital Readout Set (6", 12", 24")

by iGaging
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SKU 35-806-A, 35-812-A, 35-824-A

This is a 3 piece set containing one each of the 6" (150mm), 12" (300mm), and 24" (600mm) Absolute Plus Digital Read outs 

These are the newest Plus versions of the popular and cost effective iGaging digital readouts. These units have the capacity to export data via a data output cable and run on alternate power via a AC plug (not included).

These newly upgraded iGaging digital readout kits are designed to be attached to a wide variety of woodworking, metal working and other machinery allowing conversion to digital readout. Going digital ensures precise and highly repeatable machine adjustments. These units can be attached to milling machines, metal lathes, shapers, router tables, planers, drill presses, and much more.


  • Accuracy:
    • +/- 0.001" per 6" (0.01mm per 150mm)
    • +/- 0.0015"  per 12" (0.015mm per 300mm)
    • +/- 0.002" per 24" (0.02mm per 600mm)
  • Comes with an Absolute Measuring Technology Sensor. This allows setting of “ABSOLUTE ZERO” at any point along the sensor. The readout will remember this setting and recognize it every time the unit is powered on. Once “Absolute Zero” is set it will never need to be seta gain.
  • Ability to set an “INCREMENTAL ZERO” or relative zero at any point on the sensor and then easily return to Absolute readings with the push of a button. Using the INCREMENTAL function allows the user to determine the relative distances between points.
  • Ability to set “PRESET” values. The PRESET function allows the setting of any measurement reading at any point in the travel of the sensor.
  • Display: decimal in 0.001" increments, fractions down to 1/64" increments and millimeters in 0.01mm increments.
  • Comes with an articulating display arm that allows secure attachment of the remote readout display in the desired location and allows easy adjustment of readout placement for optimal viewing.
  • Using the articulating display arm allows several readouts to be linked together vertically. Note: only one display is supplied with each unit.
  • Readout display is equipped with rare earth magnets to allow easy attachment/removal from metallic surfaces.
  • Stainless steel vertical/horizontal sensor beam that can be cut to any desired length.  
  • Unlimited reading speed with no display lag.
  • Remote display has a 76" (1900mm) cord.
  • Display has super large numbers for easy viewing.
  • Display powers off after 5 minutes of non-use
  • Export date via data output cable
  • Power unit with AC plug adapter (not included) 
  • Repeatability: 0.001" (0.01mm)
  • Range:
    • 0-6" (150mm)
    • 0-12" (30mm)
    • 0-24" (600mm) 
  • Comes with 2 different types of mounting brackets and needed screws.
  • Includes 4 each 3V CR2032 batteries.
  • Digital readout display unit connects to data reader cord with Micro USB