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Dubuque Clamp Works - (UC-76A) Wedgegrip 90 Degree Shelving Clamp

by Dubuque
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For over 45 years, Dubuque Clamp Works has been crafting specialized clamps of all kinds in their Dubuque, Iowa factory. Renowned for their uncompromising quality, they have been an industry leader for decades. The clamps they produce are the best on the market, built to last for generations.

These Dubuque Wedgegrip Shelving (Right Angle) Clamps reduce stress during glue-ups by eliminating the need to manage long clamps for larger projects. They feature one movable jaw that registers against the outside face of your work and a cam-action rotating jaw on the other end that wedges tightly onto your workpiece. On the UC-76A, the jaw is turned 90 degrees to operate on a right angle joint. This wedging action is strong and increases as the clamp is tightened. To initiate the wedging action, place your forefingers on the end of the clamp just behind the jaw and apply opposing force with your thumb against the pad while tightening the screw. A sharp tap on the square striking plate on the back will release the clamp.

They are made from injection-molded aluminum, which is both lightweight and strong. The movable jaw is driven by a ½” Acme threaded screw and a 3-1/2” wing handle for smooth action and strong clamping force.

This type of clamping action has several advantages:

  1. The clamping force is concentrated close to the wood joint, right where you need it.
  2. It eliminates the risk of your workpiece bowing, especially with longer pieces.
  3. Once the cam-action jaw is locked onto your work, it will not move even when the jaw on the other end is loosened, allowing for easier adjustments during gluing.
  4. You do not need access to both sides of a project, allowing you to work alone when using these clamps. No longer do you need to walk around to the other sides of projects to set and adjust clamps.
  5. These lightweight clamps allow the use of multiple clamps without adding significant weight or bulk to a project.
  6. These clamps will not stain wood, as wood glues do not generally react with aluminum.

Additional Accessories:

  • Large U Member (UC-LU): Replaces the standard U Member on the cam jaw and allows clamping of material up to 1-9/16” thick.


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