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Deluxe Scary Sharp System-3 sheets 5/16" Float Glass, 7 Sheets PSA Lapping Film, Horsebutt Strop, Polishing Compound and Honing Guide

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SKU ScarySharpDeluxeKit

This Deluxe Scary Sharp sharpening system is an excellent choice for achieving exceptionally sharp edges on knives, chisels, plane blades, and other tools. The comprehensive set includes three sheets of 5/16" x 5" x 12" dead-flat float glass, along with seven sheets of 3M™ lapping film in varying micron grades (.3, 1, 3, 5, 12, 30, and 40). Additionally, it features a 12” x 3” Horsebutt Strop, a 1 oz bar of green micro fine polishing compound, and a side-clamping honing guide.


3M Microfinishing Lapping Film

The lapping film has Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing with a 3 mil high-strength polyester film, ensuring exceptional tear resistance. This system embodies the Scary Sharp Sharpening Method, renowned for its speed, effectiveness, consistency, and cost-efficiency. It is superior to traditional, more costly, and messy methods using oil, water, or diamond stones. Instead, it employs specialized microfinishing or lapping film securely adhered to a hard, perfectly flat substrate. The 5/16” float glass, characterized by its perfect flatness and smooth surface, serves as the optimal base for attaching abrasive sheets.

The included 3M PSA microfinishing film is 100% USA and the abrasive is Aluminum Oxide, making it a preferred abrasive choice. This film can be readily affixed to float glass or granite plates, with PSA sheets recommended for their ease of application—simply peel off the backing and adhere to glass or granite. Fresh lapping film has faster cutting rates when compared to traditional sharpening stones and can be easily  replaced when it becomes dull. These sheets feature a 3 mil high-strength polyester film backing, minimizing the likelihood of tearing. These sheets relying on color coding for accurate identification and come with a guide for doing so. Furthermore, this system eliminates the need for maintenance, as the glass or granite substrate maintains its flatness even after prolonged and uneven use.

Horsebuttt Strop

The Horsebutt Strop, featuring two distinct sides, one smooth and the other rougher for holding the polishing compound. The natural silicates in Horsebutt leather are perfec tfor polishing steel effectively, making it the perfect stropping material. Its dimensions, measuring 12 inches by 3 inches, are the perfect size for stropping knives and woodworking tools. The leather material ranges from 3/32 to 9/64 inch in thickness, with slight variations in thickness from end to end. Please note that the leather is undyed so there may be color variations from one piece to another.

Micro-Fine Polishing Compound

The included green chromium oxide micro fine polishing compound, applied to the rough side of the strop, is designed to create a Scary Sharp polished, mirror-edge finish on knives, carving chisels, and woodworking tools. Instead of removing metal, it polishes and refines the cutting edge, thanks to its waxy consistency it adheres effectively without creating a powdery residue. A little of this compound goes a long way. This compound has a particle size of 0.5 microns, equivalent to a 60,000-grit edge. It is composed of superfine, polycrystalline Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3), which gives the green polishing compound its distinctive color.

Side-Clamping Honing Guide

The self-centering side clamping honing guide included in the system is the is effective in achieving consistent bevels on chisels and plane blades. It consists of two jaws that securely clamp chisels or blades from both sides, easily adjusted using a turning screw. This guide accommodates blades ranging from 1/16” wide to 2-5/8”. It includes beveled notches on the lower jaws, perfect for bevel-edge chisels up to 1-1/8’ wide, while the upper platform caters to square-sided wider plane blades up to 2-5/8”.

The guide's narrow roller at the bottom maintains blade flatness on sharpening stones while allowing for the introduction of a camber or curve if desired. To use, simply place the guide with the tool on your sharpening stone and apply pressure at the tip of the tool whee it contacts the stone to keep it straight or apply alternating pressure at each corner to create a slight camber or curve.


This comprehensive sharpening system comes with everything you need for the utmost precision and efficiency when sharpening a wide range of cutting tools to perfection. All you need to supply is dull tools.

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