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Cork Rubber Vise Jaw Lining 5-7/8” wide x 36” long x 1/8” thick

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Original price $17.99
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SKU 388190

This cork rubber sheeting is a composite material made from natural cork and neoprene rubber. Due to the high neoprene content, this sheeting is incredible grippy, especially under pressure. When installed on the jaws of a woodworking vise, it will help the jaws  firmly hold work pieces and keep them securely in place. It can also create a nice cushion to prevent work from getting marred or dented. With a tensile strength of 240lbs/sq inch, it is incredibly strong and will not tear easily. Other uses include lining clamp faces, bench dogs and holdfasts. It can be placed under furniture and workbench legs to prevent sliding. It can be placed under jigs to help keep them in place.  Sheets are 5-7/8” wide x 36” long x 1/8” thick. It comes with or without Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). The PSA sticks well to smooth and finished surfaces. To adhere to raw wood, use non-PSA with contact cement. 

Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -