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Solid Brass 1.5 Pound Carving and Jointery Mallet

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Original price $38.85
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This is the perfect mallet for carving and fine joinery. The round striking face concentrates the striking force at one location on the chisel head. This helps prevent the chisel head from deforming and delivers the force straight into the chisel blade where you need it, rather than diffusing it on the striking surface. The contoured hardwood handle fits comfortably in the hand to give excellent control and balance, while preventing grip fatigue. Using this chisel does not require upper body strength as you can control the mallet just from wrist movement to provide fine control or for heavy stock removal. The balance and weight of the striking head prevents rebound so all the force of each blow goes right into the chisel for exceptional control.  The 1.5-pound solid brass head can do delicate carving or deliver serious power right where it needs to be and can be the perfect mallet for heavier work.  

The brass head is screwed onto wood threads in the handle, not glued, so it won't come loose. 


  • Total weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Solid brass striking surface – 1-3/4 Inches diameter x 2-1/2" length
  • Stained hardwood handle – 5-1/2" long
  • Overall length: 8"


  • Carving, Dovetails, Joinery, Etc...


Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -