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CMT Industrial ITK Orange Thin Kerf 10” Compound Miter Crosscut Blade, 60 Teeth, Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) and Flat Top Grind (FTG) Grind, 0.098” Kerf 253.060.10

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This saw blade is part of the CMT Industrial ITK Orange premium line of blades. CMT makes different blades with differing performance levels and price points. The Orange Chrome / Xtreme and Industrial PTFE Coated share the superior spot or 5-star rating for quality and durability and have their premium price point. The CMT Industrial ITK Orange line of blades share the “Best” or 4 stat rating for performance and share their upper mid price point. The Industrial ITK Orange line of blades are still designed for the professional woodworker and construction craftsman. All of blades are thin-kerf industrial quality blades and deliver outstanding cut, minimal stock removal and the least possible stress on saws. The micrograin carbide reduces tooth abrasion and the hard lacquer coated body protects against rust and corrosion. This blade is designed for professional use and can cut wood, composite decking, plywood, OSB, laminate, melamine, moldings, MDF and non-ferrous metals. Just like CMTs premium blades, the steel plate is laser cut from 46-48 HRC precision German steel to very tight tolerances ensuring longer life and more accurate cuts. The cutting teeth are made from the finest grade of micrograin carbide which stay sharper longer and provide greater resistance to impact. Each tooth is ground to razor sharp precision on a multi-axis CNC machine which creates perfect edge angles, guaranteeing extra-clean cuts and extended tool life. featuring less than 0.40 μm R max in edge roughness. The Silver-Copper-Silver tri-metal brazing process used to attach the teeth to the saw plate lets the teeth withstand severe impact when cutting harder wood and composite material. The saw plate is coated with hard lacquer to protect against corrosion and rust, guaranteeing longer tool life. The laser cut heat expansion slots are engineered to allow the blade to expand when heat build-up occurs from use, preventing blade warping.


Model number: 253.060.10

Applications:  for fine finish crosscut and glass smooth finish cuts on miter cuts 

Machines:  compound miter saws, table saws

Material: soft/hardwood, plywood double sided laminates  

Finish quality: “Excellent” for ripping and crosscutting plywood and double sided laminates and for crosscutting wood  

Size: 10”

Bore: 5/8”

Teeth: 60

Grind: 15 Degree Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) and Flat Top Grind (FTG) 

Kerf: 0.098” (Thin Kerf)

Plate thickness: 0.071”

Tooth hook angle: 15 degrees