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CMT 663.004.11 2-3/8" Diameter Carbide Insert Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit 12mm Shank

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SKU 663.004.11

CMT Carbide Insert Spoil Board Surfacing Router Bits

 Insert Carbide Spoil board surfacing router bit are ideal for fast removal of material over a large surface area

  • The router bit utilizes 4-sided, replaceable solid carbide inserts
  • Super-strength steel body, 3 cutting edges.
  • Can be used on soft and hard woods, particle board and MDF
  • Produces an improved finish at the bottom of the cut
  • Very cost effective solution compared to brazed router bits and solid carbide spiral bits


Model  Diameter Length Shank Cutters  Cutter Size
663.014.11 2-3/8" 3-5/32" 1/2" 3 12mm x 12mm
663.004.11 2-3/8" 3-5/32" 12mm 3 12mm x 12mm
663.015.11 1-1/2" 2-3/8"  1/2" 3 12mm x12mm


Standard Indexable Carbide Knives with 4 Cutting Edge

Size: 12mmx 12mm x 1.5mm

Technical Details:

Hardness (HV10): 1.920
Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2): 2.600
New chrome grade for universal cutting applications.
Excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation and mechanical wear.
High efficiency, 20% longer lifetime compared to standard grade.