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CMT 3 Piece Plywood Groove Bit Sets Carbide Tipped

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Product Description
Our plywood groove bits are designed specifically for routing grooves and dadoes for joints in plywood. That means they match the true thickness of plywood, producing tight, accurate joints. Use our 18,2mm (23/32") bit for 19mm plywood, 12,3mm (31/64") bit for 12,7mm (1/2") plywood and our 6mm for 6,35mm (1/4") ply. No gaps or sloppy joints, guaranteed. These money-saving 3-bit sets are available with 12,7mm (1/2") or 6,35 (1/4") shanks.


In Set 811.001.11

811.060.11 15/64" 5/8" 1/4"
811.123.11 31/64" 1" 1/4"
811.182.11 23/32" 1" 1/4"


In Set 811.501.11

811.560.11 15/64" 3/4" 1/2"
811.623.11 31/64" 1" 1/2"
811.682.11 23/32" 1" 1/2"


CMT carbide tipped router bits produce flawless profiles due to the following features:

SUPERIOR HIGH STRENGTH STEEL BODIES: CMT uses only high-quality, solid bar stock sourced from Switzerland, which provides exceptional resistance to fatigue and abrasion. Larger diameter bodies are heat forged before turning into precise bit bodies. This extra step produces a radial grain orientation which offers large diameter bits extra strength and durability. All machining fully automated ensuring the shanks and bodies are accurate and perfectly balanced.

ANTI-KICKBACK DESIGN: This design controls the depth of cut and minimizes the chance of kickback, reducing your risk of injury.

SINTERHIP HI-DENSITY INDUSTRIAL CHROME CARBIDE: CMT uses specially formulating chrome carbide specially designed to cut wood and laminates. A new process called SinterHIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), helps prevent material failure and increases cutting life.

TRI-METAL BRAZING: CMTs silver-copper-silver brazing “sandwich” provides a tight bond between the steel and the carbide, with a shock absorbing effect to protect the carbide tips when cutting harder woods and reduces the chance of failed welds.

NON-STICK ORANGE SHIELD COATING®: Prevents bit from heating up, reduces pitch build-up, protects against corrosion, and provides a longer bit life.

MULTI-AXIS GRINDING CREATES A MIRROR FINISH LASTING 3X LONGER: Sharpening is done to extreme precision on multi-axis CNC machines. Each bevel and angle are ground or sharpened to the micron, to produce a cutting edge that is both razor sharp, yet extremely durable.

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