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BeaverCraft (PW1) Polishing Wheel

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The leather wheel is made of high-quality leather. The front edge of the stropping wheel has a low pile as well as the side surface of the knife sharpening wheel. Just how it should be for aligning the razor sharpness with your tools.

You can use the leather polishing wheel for all your knives (wood carving knives, kitchen knives, pocket knives), all your chisels and gouges, mini bench grinders, sloyd knives, hook knives, chip carving knives, draw knives, long hook knives and so much more.

This buffing wheel made out of natural leather will become an irreplaceable helper to you, especially if you are tired or bored of stropping the tools all the time and want to spend less time doing it or at least do it faster when the need occurs. The leather stropping wheel usually gets used together with any power rotary tool or a dremel, for example. The hole in the middle allows you to put it on the tool, then you lock it down - voila, the leather sharpening wheel will be ready to be used! 

Using the polishing paste with leather stropping wheel

When that strop wheel is attached and locked down so you are sure it’s ready for use, turn the power on. Lock the rotary tool you’re using on the workbench using clamps, for instance, and grab that polishing compound you are using.
With this sharpening wheel you’ll get our green-gray polishing compound that will make your blades shiny and mirror-like. Gently slide the green-grey compound across the wheel while it’s rotating until the whole surface (the narrow one!) is covered. It’s kind of similar to painting with crayons, so remember the time you used the crayons for the last time and imitate the same.

Polishing with strop wheel

Now that your tool is locked and the wheel is prepared for stropping, grab the tools you plan to treat this time and gently slide them left and right on the wheel so that the compound gets onto the bevel and with the wheel rotating gets polished. If you can’t really imagine how it should look, welcome to our YouTube channel where we uploaded the video on working with such a tool.

Usefulness of sharpening wheel

Having a stropping utensil like this is greatly practical. Sometimes you do enjoy stropping with a leather strop, having it in one hand and the tool in the other while you’re imagining to sharpen your barber knife as in movies. However, there are days when you don’t want to struggle and simply need it done. That’s when the strop wheel like this one comes into play. It will deal with the task quickly, accurate and give you the needed polish in a blink of an eye.


  • Diameter – 76 mm (3.00 inches)
  • Width – 19 mm (0.75 inches)
  • Tang diameter – 7 mm (0.28 inches)
  • Tang length – 30 mm (1.18 inches)
  • Material – natural leather