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CMT Orange 8" Precision Dado Blade Set, 12 teeth, FTG+ATB grind 0.125" Kerf 230.012.08

by CMT
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CMT thoroughly researched the shortcomings of “standard” dado sets in order to understand what cabinetmakers required most from an “ideal” dado.

The result was the Dado Pro Set, designed with the following features:

- Anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass material.
- Splinter resistant cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and soft + hardwoods.
- Shim sets included for cuts between 1/4” and 13/16”.
- Ideal for underpowered saws.

Chippers Included: - Five chippers (4x1/8” and 1x1/16”) keep the cut flat and virtually free from tear out.

Model number: 230.012.08

Applications: shelving, tongue & groove, rabbets

Machines: table saw, radial arm saw

Material: softwood, hardwood, plywood, melamine

Finish quality: “Excellent” for ripping wood and plywood and “Good” for ripping and crosscutting plywood

Size: 8”

Bore: 5/8”

Teeth: 12

Grind: chippers are flat top grind and blades are alternate top bevel grind 


Tooth hook angle: -12 degrees

Click here for instruction manual