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10-1/4" x 4-1/4" 125 Micron (120 Grit) 3M™ Diamond Flattening Plate Sharpening Stone Affixed to 5/16" Float Glass

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Using oil and water stones are a fantastic and economical approach to sharpening all types of edge tools. Over time all stones tend to wear in the middle and become dished, especially if a honing guide is used. Water stones cut more aggressively but also tend to wear more quickly. Natural oil stones will cut and wear more slowly. In addition, stones can get glazed or loaded with metal particles greatly limiting their ability to abrade steel. Continuing to use a dished or glazed stone will slow sharpening and produce inferior results. It is an essential part of sharpening to regularly flatten and refresh sharpening media. The Taytools Flattening Plate will make short work of flattening all types of sharpening stones and works equally well on both man-made and natural stones. This plate is made from a piece of 5/16" x 10" x 4" dead flat float glass with a piece of genuine 3M™ 125 micron (120 grit) monocrystalline diamond lapping film attached. The float glass is guaranteed to be flat within 0.0003 inches (one third of a thou!) over the length of the plate. The 3M™ diamond film with produce a dead flat surface on all man-made and natural stones with minimal pressure. This 3M™ diamond film contains carefully graded monocrystalline diamond particles that are electrostatically coated onto a high strength 5 mil PSA polyester film backing. This super-fast cutting, long-lasting, water resistant diamond abrasive provides precise, consistent, close tolerance finishes, but excel when used on harder materials such as man-made or natural sharpening media. The diamond abrasive wear quite slowly and will provide many years of routine stone flattening. If the diamond film does happen to wear, it can be easily replaced. The large 10" x 4" surface area (a full 40 sq. inches) will handle all sizes of sharpening stones.

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