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CMT Saw Blade Buying Guide

CMT Orange Tools is committed to making only the highest quality woodworking tools. Since 1962, CMT has been making world-class tools in their Italian state of the art manufacturing plant. 

What goes into making a world-class saw blade:

Laser cutting: The steel plate of the blade is laser cut, NEVER die cut, from superior strength steel. This way of cutting steel is not only extremely precise but it makes it possible to cut harder strengths of steel and does not stress the plate while cutting, so the resulting blade is flat and true and more resistant to warping.

Grinding and tensioning:  After being cut, the blade is polished and tensioned. The central bore is then ground to a smooth finish so that the blade fits precisely on the saw arbor providing perfect concentricity during rotation. The seats for the carbide teeth are also ground ensuring a perfect fit providing the conditions for a secure braze. 

Silver-copper-silver sandwich brazing:  Automated brazing the carbide teeth to the steel saw plate with a special silver-copper-silver “sandwich” brazing compound yields excellent results and reduces the chances of failed welds.

Specially formulated carbide tips:  CMT had studied carbide formulas and their impact on blade performance and has developed specially formulated micrograin carbide tips to match each blade’s specific application. Each blade receives the carbide that will best optimize edge retention and facilitate resharpening.

Sharpening and laser marking: The final step is sharpening the micrograin carbide teeth. Each angle is ground to razor-sharp precision - down to the Milacron - on multi-axis CNC machines. Each blade is then laser marked with all the details about the blade type and its uses.

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