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Deluxe Workbench Holddown Kit with Adjustable Bench Dogs, Vertical Holddowns & 2-3/8" Brass Bench Dogs (DCE)

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This kit will allow you to secure any size or shape workpiece to the top or side of your workbench anywhere you can drill 3/4" bench dogs. 

The kit includes: 

Pair Adjustable Bench dogs:

 Adjustable in-line bench dog clamp allows you to secure work flat to your workbench anywhere there are 3/4” dog holes. Used in conjunction with a plane stop or bench dogs, you can secure virtually any size or shape workpiece anywhere on your bench as you dog holes are spaced 6" apart on center or less.  You can clamp parts equally well on the top or edge of a workbench. The low-profile design sits just 11/16” above the surface of your bench, so will not interfere when planning or sanding 3/4” thick material. The post is 2-5/8” long overall and can extend a full 2” into a benchtop.  

The movable head travels on smooth-turning 10 TPI carbon steel threads that produce high horizontal clamping pressure with the least effort. The clamp head has has a full 6" reach and 5-1/2" of travel. The handle has a low-profile sliding pin bar design. The threads and handle are zinc plated for smooth motion and corrosion resistance.  

The 2” long x 5/8” square moveable head has a V-groove in the center and pivots 2 degrees to accommodate irregular shaped parts. The head has 2 mounting holes to allow attachment of custom clamp pads. Both the head and post are black coated to resist corrosion.

Pair Quick-Adjust Vertical  Clamps 

These quick-adjust vertical surface hold down clamps allow you to secure work tightly to a workbench anywhere you can drill 3/4” dog holes. The posts have machined serrations along its length so when the handle is turned and pressure applied, the posts wedge tightly in a dog hole and will not slip. These clamps will secure work up to 7" thick. The unbreakable cast zinc bases are 1-1/2” in diameter and 1-1/2” tall. The bases and posts are black coated to resist corrosion.

The moveable clamp jaws slide easily along the serrated rails and then locks down tight when the handles are tightened offering slip-resistant clamping. The jaws are made from reinforced malleable steel and provide powerful and rigid clamping. The serrated carbon steel rails have have an hourglass profile to resist flexing and twisting. 

The moveable jaws feature smooth-turning carbon steel Acme threads. The screw ends have 1” diameter swivel pads with a non-marring pad to allow gripping of odd-shaped parts. Overall spindle travel is 2”. Threads are black coated to resist corrosion. The ergonomic soft grip Plastic/TPR handles optimizes torque and reduce hand fatigue. Jaw depths are 2-7/8”

Pair 3/4" x 2-3/8" Solid Brass Bench Dogs 

These bench dogs are precision machined from solid brass and designed to fit any standard 3/4" diameter workbench dog hole. The brass will not corrode and will not destroy your tools if struck. The outside diameter is .730” and the springs in the side provide just enough friction to keep the dogs in place and allow easy adjustment and removal. Overall lenghs are 2-3/8".  The top cutout is machined with a 2-degree negative slope and has crosshatching on the face to provide a better grip on workpieces. The strong springs in the side provide just enough friction to keep the dogs in place and allow easy adjustment and removal. No workbench is complete without these brass dogs.

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