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Thickness Gauges with Flat Anvils Dial Indicators with 0.0005" Resolution and Accurate to 0.001"

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Get accurate measurements of paper, wire, sheet metal, wood, leather and similar materials using these dial thickness gauges. These gauges use a dial indicator with a resolution of 0.0005", and an accuracy of + or - 0.001". The dial display is graduated in inches. The contact points and moveable anvils are flat and are made from either ceramic or ground hardened steel for long life and corrosion-resistance. Two different throat depths are available.  The cast iron frames have a grip handle, thumb trigger, and spring-loaded spindle for taking accurate measurements. Comes packed in wood box.


Model Throat  Thickness Range  Contact Points 
465746 4-3/4" 0-0.600" Ceramic
465753 10-1/2" 0-0.900" Ground Hardened Steel 


Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -