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The Scary Sharp Sharpening Method is an approach to sharpening knives and woodworking tools that is fast, effective, consistent and very cost effective. Instead of using conventional, more expensive and messy oil, water or diamond stones, the Scary Sharp Method uses specialized microfinishing or lapping film that is adhered to a hard, flat substrate. High quality Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide or Diamond films can be procured for a reasonable cost per sheet. These films can then be affixed to float glass or granite plates. Float glass is considered the preferred substrate to attach abrasive sheets to as it is “dead flat”. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) sheets are recommended as all that is required is to peel off the backing and stick to glass or granite. Fresh lapping film will cut faster than most sharpening stones and can be easily and quickly replaced when dull. Unlike traditional water or oil stones no maintenance is required since the glass or granite surface will never hollow from prolonged or uneven use. The Scary Sharp Method will quickly sharpen any knife or cutting tool with excellent and consistent results.

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