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5 Piece Set of Wood Taps for Hardwoods and Softwoods-10-32 to 1/2-13

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These Woodworking Taps are designed specifically to cut fast, crisp, and sharp threads in hard and softwoods. Tapping threads in wood allows you to use metal fasteners or knobs of your choice when making knock-down furniture, jigs, handles and tools. Tapping threads in wood has been shown to have greater pull-out strength than threaded inserts, making them a suitable alternative to costly and difficult-to-install inserts.

These taps have four flutes for effective chip clearance. They are made from hardened carbon steel (the same material metal taps are made from),  and will tap thousands of holes in wood before dulling.

The five-piece set includes the most popular wood tap sizes from 10-32 to 1/2-13. Taps 10-32 and 1/4-20 will tap holes 1-5/8” deep, the 5/16-18 can tap 2-1/4” deep, and the 3/8-16 and 1/2-13 up to 4” deep. These tap depths will create more than enough threads for any project. Each tap will create threads 1/8” from the bottom of blind holes. Each tap has a 1/4” universal hex shank to allow tapping with universal hex drivers and when using cordless drills.

These taps cut cleanly and effortlessly into predrilled holes. Recommended drill tap sizes are below. It is recommended that sample holes be drilled in different wood species to determine the best bit size for the needed fit as slightly larger holes will produce a looser fit and smaller holes a tighter fit.

To strengthen threads, squeeze a few drops of CA glue onto cut threads, let dry, and retap.

The 5-piece set comes in a foam-lined storage case. 

 Suggested Tap Drill Sizes: 

  • 10-32: 5/32” for regular fit and 9/64" for tight fit
  • 1/4-20: 13/64”  for regular fit and 3/16" for tight fir
  • 5/16-18: 1/4” for regular fit and 15/64" for tight fit
  • 3/8-16: 5/16 for regular fit and 9/32" for tight fit
  • 1/2-13: 13/32" for regular fit and 25/64" for tight fit

Once you have a set of these in your shop, you will find numerous uses for them. 

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